What is terminal initialization by reset command? When should reset command be used?


reset will actually completely re-initialise the terminal, instead of just clearing the screen. However, it won't re-instantiate the shell (bash). That means that bash's state is the same as before, just as if you were merely clearing the screen.


For me:

$ tput reset | od -t x1z 
0000000 1b 63 1b 5b 21 70 1b 5b 3f 33 3b 34 6c 1b 5b 34  ..c.[!p.[?3;4l.[4.
0000020 6c 1b 3e                                         .l...

... cleansed a bit in the 'z' output above - &gt / &lt doesn't work well here.

More information, (too much?):

$ man terminfo

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