I've just installed Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and am new to Linux. I know that Ubuntu 14.04 LTS comes with Python 3.4.0. Is it okay if I install pip3 and install packages (e.g. django, numpy, etc.) on it? Can I also upgrade it to Python 3.4.1?

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As I've asked and advocated before, I'd suggest using a virtualenv. It looks like more work but it's actually a ton less in the long run.

  • Django 1.6 is not compatible with python 3.4. However, Ubuntu 14.04 comes with Python 3.4. How do I install Python 3.3.5 without overriding the original Python and use virtualenv?
    – hans-t
    Jun 12, 2014 at 15:37
  • Hmm.. Yes that's interesting. I think on balance, I'd shoot for Django 1.7 (tracking the dev releases). Can't guarantee that'll be pain-free but it's fairly simple and puts you ahead for upgrading later on.
    – Oli
    Jun 12, 2014 at 16:12

I use pip on my machine all the time, installing packages globally or locally works just fine. I've never tried upgrading the version of python that ships with ubuntu, though I don't see why you couldn't. Virtualenv is your friend. You can install pip3 with apt-get install python3-pip and then use pip to install whatever from there.

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