Answering a recent question, and before that, trying to see if a patch which is fundamental for my machine had been included in a kernel release, I have found the following problem:

How can I match the kernel version I have for my kernel, which is

[:~] % uname -a
Linux samsung-romano 3.13.0-29-generic #53-Ubuntu SMP Wed Jun 4 21:00:20 UTC 2014 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

with the exact kernel source, which I suppose should be stored in http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git?p=ubuntu/linux.git;a=summary?

In that page there are quite a lot of tags, for example:

enter image description here

But none of them correspond to 3.13.0-29 which is my running kernel right now.

The mapping should be in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/Dev/ExtendedStable, where it is said that the 3.13 Ubuntu kernel is based on 3.13.11 --- I think. But from there to finding the tree I have installed is not straightforward.

The best options seems to go to linux3.13-y.review or linux3.13-y.queue, but I am unable to find where this tree are marked for the release - if I understand well the policy, in -review the patches are accumulated for testing, and in -queue accumulated for the next minor release/update --- but I am unable to find the exact release tree. I mean, a tag equivalent to 3.13.0-29 was cut here.

Is that the tip of linux3.13-y? In this moment it is claiming it is where can I find a reference that links that number to the result of my uname -a (which is 3.13.0-29)?

Notice: I know I can install the kernel source corresponding with my installed kernel. But I do not want to install them; I would like ti have a pointer to the git tree to be able to browse it online (and check for commits, patches, etc.).

  • I would personally go with linux-3.13.y or linux-3.13.y-queue. Jun 11, 2014 at 21:35
  • @saiarcot895 yes --- thanks, I specified better. This is what I am doing now, and then guessing with the last build date of the kernel. But I am sure there should be a better, more direct way.
    – Rmano
    Jun 11, 2014 at 21:40

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The repository you are looking for is http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git?p=ubuntu/ubuntu-trusty.git;a=summary

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