I'd like to move my project hamster time tracking data from one PC to another. How would I go about that?



hamster database is in ~/.local/share/hamster-applet/hamster.db.

The best way to keep it synced is by moving the file to the Ubuntu cloud or Dropbox folder and then symlinking it back to where it was on all the boxes. hamster is watching for file changes and following symlinks so this way you can have same hamster database on several computers.

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  • Though for a backup as the question implies, redundancy is desired so symlinking would be counter-productive. – tanius Nov 20 '18 at 22:37

(I am assuming that you are moving to a computer running Linux, and that you have not used Hamster on that computer before) Open your Home folder, press 'control + h' to show hidden files. Open .local > share, copy the 'hamster-applet' folder and paste it in the .local/share/ folder on your other computer.

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I keep my hamster DB on Dropbox and make a symlink named:

~/.local/share/hamster-applet (where hamster searches for the hamster.db file)

So the symlink points to my dropbox folder where I keep the backed up hamster.db

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