I have different computers (laptop, private, work) and want to sync ALL gnome shell settings, including panels, keyboard shortcuts, gnome shell extensions, ...

My plan is to create a dropbox folder gnome-settings which contains all relevant files and create symlinks to the required paths. I know that settings can be dumped with gconftool --dump ... and then loaded with gconftool --load ... but I would prefer to sync the files only (if this is possible) without having to export/import any settings...

My question is now which files/folders do I have to sync.

  • custom application starters: .local/share/applications
  • custom icons : ~/.local/share/icons
  • gnome shell extensions: ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions (is it safe to just sync this folder or do the extensions have to be installed?)
  • keybord shortcuts: ???
  • online accounts: ???
  • panels: ????
  • favourite applications: ???
  • default applications for certain file types: ??
  • gnome shell settings : ??? (the settings from gconftool must be saved anywhere....)
  • number/names/arrangement of workspaces: ???
  • what else??

please help me to complete the list

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