I am new to Ubuntu and I'm trying to install Popcorn Time. I downloaded 32 bit version and tried to install it but that's where the problem started showing.

I double clicked the executable file and well, nothing happened. It's a official download from their website but it doesn't work. Maybe I'm doing something wrong... Anyway, I found out that you can install it from a script, but people keep talking in Ubuntu terms and I don't understand it, so I have a few questions:

  1. How to make a script? (which I'm suppose to run in terminal using bash command),

  2. Is it normal that i cannot run the installer, and if that is an installer or just files for the program.

  3. If it is an installer, how do I make it work?

  4. What does " Cannot execute binary file" mean?

Thank you in advance, hope I'm not asking too many questions (please understand that I'm new to Ubuntu) and sorry about my English. xD

  • did you download it in archive? – JoKeR Jun 8 '14 at 21:42
  • Please add the version of Ubuntu you are using and the name of the file. – 0x7c0 Jun 8 '14 at 21:45
  • There is a very simple way to install Popcorn Time with only three commands from an terminal. Look at this link Install Popcorn Time In Ubuntu Or Debian Via PPA Repository follow the description below "To add the WebUpd8 Popcorn Time PPA and install the app in Ubuntu / Linux Mint" – TuKsn Jun 8 '14 at 21:59

Question 1

Scripts are simple and fun to write in ubuntu/linux . Here are some good links that really helped me.

Mind the syntax though.

http://www.freeos.com/guides/lsst/ http://bash.cyberciti.biz/guide/Main_Page http://www.yourownlinux.com/2013/08/getting-started-linux-shell-scripting.html

Question 2

Yes it is really normal that you are unable to run that installer as that might not be your system specific installer.Ubuntu can easily understand .deb , .rpm , .sh also .exe but using a special software called WINE.

here's an article for installing wine if you need it.

Question 3

Linux is secure so it might have made your installer dysfunctional.In other words might have made it non-executable.So you make it executable by following this.

1. right click on that installer.
2. open permissions tab
3. check the option that says "allow executing file as a program"
4. press close button.

Now double click that file and you should see a box saying display , run in terminal and some others.

Press run in terminal.

Now you may get some other errors or it will run perfectly if it is right for your OS.

Question 4

This simply means this is not an ready to execute file.So make it executable using the answer to question 3.

I have tried to talk in non-ubuntu terminology as much as possible.I hope it helps you.

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