In Xubuntu 14.04, alt+scroll wheel zooms my entire desktop. I'm finding this very annoying because sometimes I flick the scroll wheel to go to the top of a document then press the alt key for a some unrelated keyboard shortcut and find myself zoomed in so far I can't see anything at all.

Is there any way to disable this feature?


There is an easy way, without losing the moving windows feature.

  1. Open Settings Editor
  2. Go to Channel xfwm4
  3. Disable Property zoom_desktop
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  • This is the only acceptable answer. Unfortunately, the property doesn't seem available yet in Xfce 4.10. – leftaroundabout Oct 28 '15 at 20:31
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    Just to be clear, since I didnt notice, 'settings editor' != 'settings'. you have to choose 'settings editor' inside 'settings', and then this magic works :-) – Hugh Perkins May 1 '16 at 11:22

To activate or deactivate, there is also another option in Window Manager Tweaks. Under Compositor, the option to enable or disable display compositing will also enable or disable desktop zoom.

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    Thanks! Because Compositor was disabled, I was unable to find/utilize this feature. – BobDoolittle Jul 12 '16 at 18:08

Here is how disable this feature from the command line:

xfconf-query --set false --channel xfwm4 --property /general/zoom_desktop

If you get this message:

Property "/general/zoom_desktop" does not exist on channel "xfwm4".
If a new property should be created, use the --create option.

then run this command instead:

xfconf-query --create --type bool --set false --channel xfwm4 --property /general/zoom_desktop
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Opens the System Setup window, then enter the administrator settings window and section accessibility this box that enables or disables this function.

Abre la ventana de configuración del sistema, luego entra al gestor de ajustes de ventana y en la sección accesibilidad esta la casilla que habilita o deshabilita esta función. enter image description here

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  • That doesn't look like what tctimmeh was asking at all, and you're posting several years later than the correct solution. Did you mean to post that here? To be clear, the magnifier is an "accessibility" option, but zooming in on the entire desktop is not. I'm on a new installation of Xubuntu, and accessibility has never been enabled and would require restarting the computer, but alt+scroll desktop zooming has been there from the beginning. – John P Aug 7 '17 at 13:10

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