I have symlinks to Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Pictures, Music, and Videos which link to a second hard drive. I am mounting the other hard drive through /etc/fstab. All the links work on start up, but it must be mounting the other drive after setting the desktop, because the view of the desktop reverts to the /home/user folder. (Symbolic link of desktop still goes to other drive.

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I figured it out. The first time I restarted I hadn't entered the mount commands in fstab correctly. I had them as:

/dev/sdX pathtomounteddirectory

where the X is the proper suffix. (I used sudo gedit /etc/fstab in terminal to edit the fstab folder, and df -h to find the proper suffix and the pathtomounteddirectory.)

I had changed the fstab commands to:

/dev/sdX pathtomounteddirectory ext4 defaults 0 0

I verified the filesystem type using parted -l.

Anyways, my initial error had changed my user-dirs.dirs file found in my .config folder under my Home directory. (You can make it visible using ctrl + h outside terminal or using ls -a inside terminal). Once I reedited my user-dirs.dirs file, everything worked fine.

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