Using 14.04 with keyboard selected as 'US international with dead keys' as my keyboard layout option, (so that I may use characters from other languages) and the system accepts text input as you would expect.

Chrome however fails to recognise what keyboard I have set in system settings, no dead key input is detected or used by Chrome at all, frustratingly.

I updated from M34 to Version 36.0.1985.125 to no avail :(


Here a late solution (that worked at least for me)

Open terminal in your home directory. Open the file .xinputrc (you should have one) and comment the line:

run_im xim

Reboot your computer, and now you (hopefully) the problem is fixed.


I had the problem because I selected "Generic 150-key (Intl) PC" as my Keyboard model.

  • Goto settings-->keyboard
  • Goto tab "Layout"
  • Uncheck "Use system defaults"
  • Choose Keyboard model "Generic 104-key PC"
  • Choose Keyboard layout "English (US, international with dead keys)"

It works now, look: äüïíì. The Euro sign (€) is available with the combination Alt Gr+5. You may have to log-out and in again to apply the settings.

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