I have been dealing with this alt+tab problem for a long time. I have already checked keyboard shortcuts in the configuration panel but it still doesn't work.

I had this problem in Ubuntu 12.04, but since I installed 14.04 another problem appeared too. I can't add work spaces. I tried changing the number of work areas by right clicking in the desktop's miniature but it doesn't change.

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These are two questions. You should ask separately. Regarding workspaces, try:

dconf write /org/gnome/desktop/wm/preferences/num-workspaces 8

in a terminal. It will create 8 workspaces


About the workspaces, you also have to change it in compizconfig-settings-manger. Run ccsm in a terminal:


Click in General, then General Options, click the Desktop Size tab, change the horizontal and vertical size there as you like.


Regarding the alt+tab question, all I can advise is for you to install Compiz Settings Manager. Open a terminal and type

sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager compiz-plugins-default

After installing you can launch it with


Scroll down to Window Management and enable "Static Application Switcher". As for the work areas, I can't help. I have that same problem.


I ran into the same problems when using flashback compiz. I now use flashback metacity and everything works off the shell as expected.

Make sure that the package 'metacity' is installed (either through synaptic or apt-get command line) Now when you login, you first click the little circle that's to the above right of the password field. You get some options here and there is a choice for metacity. You pick that; you get returned to the password screen. Enter your password; that should do the trick.

(When you usually login automatically (as I do), logout first to get to the login screen)

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    Please explain, how to do that (see How do I write a good answer?). Apr 20, 2015 at 12:41
  • Unfortunately, I cannot provide a screenshot. If someone can tell me how to grab the login screen, please do!
    – Jippie
    Aug 16, 2015 at 2:33

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