The issue is following: laptop (HP6570p) with Kubuntu 14.04 installed, lid closed, external monitor is connected. Reboot. Laptop shows KDM login screen for a seconds and immediately goes to sleep.

Open lid wakes it up. Login. Then close the lid again. Everything is fine.

Power option set to "Do nothing" when lid is closed.

Any suggestions?


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The problem appears to be you have one setting for when user is logged in and another setting when you're at the greeter (lightdm).

I solved this problem by editing /etc/UPower/UPower.conf and changing IgnoreLid=false to IgnoreLid=true at the end of the file.

After restarting, closing the lid didn't put the computer to sleep anymore.

I used this question as reference: Stop laptop from suspending when closing lid in lightdm

Note: someone asked there if this wouldn't disable the lid behavior for every users. I really don't know.

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