I am making a personal Desktop Environment and one of the programs I use is compiz. However, I need to execute all my components from a shell script, and every time I launch compiz it runs in its default mode. Is there any way to run Compiz from the terminal while telling it to use a CCSM profile? Thanks in advance.

  • @RaduRădeanu yes it does, that's what it calls the settings you export. – terdon Jun 3 '14 at 12:24

No, you can't. So far, you can use ccsm with only one from the following four options:

  • -h (--help) - show the help message and exit

  • -p PLUGIN (--plugin=PLUGIN) -open ccsm to the page of PLUGIN. For example:

    ccsm -p expo
  • -c CATEGORY (--category=CATEGORY) - open ccsm directly to CATEGORY. For example:

    ccsm -c "Window Management"
  • -v (--version) -display the current version of ccsm and exit.

See man ccsm to check all of these.

Meanwhile, in your script, you can play with a command similar to the following:

(ccsm &) && sleep 2 && xdotool key Tab Tab Tab Tab Tab Tab Tab Tab Tab Tab Tab Return && sleep 2 && xdotool key Tab Tab Tab Tab Tab Tab Tab Return && sleep 2 && xdotool key slash p a t h slash t o slash y o u r underscore c c s m period p r o f i l e Return

You only need to adapt it to your system.


You can accomplish this by setting a different HOME environment variable before starting compiz or ccsm.

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