I just had a hard lock-up crash not even a Alt + Shift + SysRq + R + S + E + I + U + B could solve. I've now rebooted and would like to report the bug with the saved logs.

What's the best way to report it?

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If something you did triggered the freeze use Apport and trigger the freeze again. Apport will detect it automatically and you should be able to file a bug-report.

This is an excerpt from Debugging System Crashes

  • If your system crashes at random intervals, perform a MemoryTest first before filing any bug reports or support requests
  • If your system crashes when a particular action occurs, and this is repeatable every time, try the following steps:

    1. Try to reproduce the crash on a text console (Control+Alt+F1) if possible. If the crash occurs during startup, select the recovery mode option to disable the splash screen
    2. When the crash occurs, press Alt+SysRq+1 (one, not L) followed by Alt+SysRq+t. If using a text console, you should see a trace dumped to the screen. If the system is sufficiently alive, it will also be logged to /var/log/kern.log and visible in the output from dmesg. This information shows where the crash occurred, and should be included in any problem reports. If the output is not saved in any file, or the system is so bad off that you cannot retrieve it, you can either take a digital photo, or hand write the results. Almost all of the output is important (so please don't copy the one line you think is important, because context means everything).

It's not even certain that there is any data to report. If there was, it would probably be in the old dmesg logs in /var/log. But since the kernel might not sync the filesystems if it crashes, the data could be lost. Did something you did cause it to crash?

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