I am partially red-green color blind and would like to use a color picker to tell me what color things on my screen are. I recognize that utilities exist, such as gpick, grabc, gcolor2 that provide me with RGB or hex values. However, what I really want is for it to tell me that the color that I am looking at is "Red" or "OrangeRed" or some other name that I can relate to. A windows utility that does this is "What Color." Is there a linux equivalent or workaround? Like maybe I could pipe the output of gpick through some program that translates the hex to some English name for the color? Thanks!


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Searching through the repository I found colorname that seems to do what you want.

sudo apt-get install colorname

Using the eyedropper select a color then click Execute at the bottom, and it attempts to find the closest match from several color databases (Gimp, Wikipedia, X11).


In 2021, GPick can tell you which color name is closest to the picked color.
In addition, this program has extensive functionality for building a color scheme, choosing a palette for a site, mixing colors, etc. GPick can tell the color name

  • Gpick (0.2.6rc1) on Ubuntu 20.04.3 does not provide me color names. Should I add a color dictionary (Edit > Color Dictionaries...)?
    – TVG
    Sep 6, 2021 at 7:18

If you are looking for a command-line tool that does exactly that: Cict


$ ./cict 000081
1   #000080 navyblue

As you can see, you simple pass a 24-bit hex-value to cict and it reports the distance to the color found (1 in this case), the value of the actual color (#000080) and the name (navyblue).


If your able to use gpick and color name is not generated download this https://github.com/kallaballa/Cict/blob/master/colordict.txt

Import it Edit >> Color Dictionaries..

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