I had been happily using my PS3 controller emulated to an xbox 360 controller on my Ubuntu 13.10 and lower Steam library.

I recently updated to 14.04, and now xboxdrv just does not work anymore.

This is what I do:

  • Plug in DS3 into USB port
  • Click the Playstation button on it
  • It shows all 4 leds lighting at the same time slowly
  • sudo xboxdrv --detach-kernel-driver

This is the output:

Controller:        PLAYSTATION(R)3 Controller
Vendor/Product:    054c:0268
USB Path:          003:004
Controller Type:   Playstation 3 USB

Your Xbox/Xbox360 controller should now be available as:

And then the Player 1 LED lights up.

BUT after about 3 seconds, the 4 LEDs start lighting slowly again and the controller does not seem to do anything. I use jstest-gtk to see if input is being registered correctly but nothing happens when I click any of the buttons.

As I said, I had been using this method up until 14.04, and it was working flawlessly. Has anyone been able to get xboxdrv to work with a Dualshock 3 controller on 14.04?


I finally found out what the problem was. Recently, this Ubuntu Launchpad bug report came to light. It states that the kernel regressed from .24 to .25.

What I did then was go to the mainline kernel builds of Ubuntu and installed 3.13.11 as that's what the bug report stated as a fix:


You download the all package, headers package and the image package of the type "generic". Choose the correct packages for your OS (32/64 bit).

Once you download those 3 packages, go to the folder and run:

sudo dpkg -i linux*.deb

And it will install the new kernel. Finally reboot it and it should be default in your GRUB config.

If you really can't figure it out, I used this tutorial to do the upgrade.

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