Say there's a software that wasn't created for Ubuntu but someone creatred a PPA for it and I use that PPA.

Now the PPA owner, doesn't want to maintain the PPA anymore. Can I ask the owner to hand it over, so that I maintain the ppa? If so how? And what does maintaining the PPA require besides updating the code?


Your question is very broad, but I will try to give some guidance.

Contact the current ppa owner and coordinate your efforts. You can skin the cat more then one way, probably easiest to make a work group that maintains the ppa. Perhaps the old maintainer can (briefly) mentor you.


If you do not know how to package, I highly suggest you read the packaging guidelines. http://packaging.ubuntu.com/html/

Launchpad / a ppa greatly automates much of the process, but nothing replaces at least a working knowledge of packaging, especially if you hope one day to have your package in the Debian / Ubuntu repositories.

On the flip side, improper packaging often causes problems / compatibility problems.

Next read the ppa tutorial - https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA

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