Is there a way to make Banshee show the current song playing in Empathy? I remember Rhythmbox had this functionality. But I don't even see an extra plugins option in Banshee. All I see is the Extensions in Preferences. Is there some way to achieve what I need? I am on 11.04 btw

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Among its many other awesome features, the Telepathy extension for Banshee (banshee-extension-telepathy) will let you do this. To make it work:

  1. Install 'Telepathy extension for Banshee' from the Ubuntu Software Center
  2. In Banshee, go to Edit > Preferences > Extension (tab), and check the box next to "Telepathy" in the "Community Extensions" section.
  3. A new section called "Contacts" should be added to the left side of Banshee. Right click on it and select "Share Currently Playing"
  • Still no change in the IM status :( Jun 6, 2011 at 16:39
  • Sorry my first answer was a bit vague. I'm not at my Ubuntu computer, but I've updated the answer with better instructions that should work (I tested them on a virtual machine). Jun 6, 2011 at 16:58

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