I installed Geany IDE via Ubuntu Software Center. Wrote a hello world prog in C and it compiled successfully but when i tried to run it, it gave me this error:

./geany_run_script.sh: 5: ./geany_run_script.sh: ./hello: not found

(program exited with code: 127)
Press return to continue

Could someone please tell me what i should do?

  • What flavor/desktop of Ubuntu are you running? there is a known issues with the KDM default terminal (konsole) in geany – steeldriver May 27 '14 at 11:21
  • i am running ubuntu 14.04 lts – user280105 May 27 '14 at 11:45
  • me too...have the same problem.. I'm using ubuntu 14.04.1 (unity desktop) – Yuvaraj Jun 3 '15 at 2:44

You only compiled your source file, but didn't build your application, meaning the linking was not done and the executable was not created. Use the "build" sub-menu from the "build" menu (default shortcut is F9 if I recall correctly) and try again.


Update the Geany version from Ubuntu software center or Install a new version by removing the current one. I was also facing the same problem then i tried this method.


I tried all of the above and none worked for me. The easiest way is to add your program file path in Edit > Preferences > General tab > Startup tab > Project Files Save this.

Now, go to Build > Set Build Commands > Execute Commands > Execute add this as it is below: (don't miss the leading .)


Click OK. Now Build > Build (F9) and then Build > Execute (F5). Kaboom. Should work now.

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