I am again getting frustrated by my nginx server. I am trying to install laravel in my /var/www/project folder but when i delete the default HTML dir from /var/www/html it deviates me to the nginx welcome page. phpmyadmin doesn't work either.

How can I get Apache back and also remove nginx permanently?

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Follow the Step to switch nginx to apache2

sudo apt-get remove nginx
sudo apt-get purge nginx
sudo apt-get remove nginx-common
sudo apt-get purge nginx-common
sudo apt-get remove nginx-full
sudo apt-get purge nginx-full
sudo apt-get autoremove

After removing nginx make sure your nginx remove completely. by running this command.

sudo dpkg -l | grep nginx

If you get any pacakges related with nginx, remove them.

Now Install apache2 on your Ubuntu and all your services related with your projects.

 sudo apt-get install apache2

First autoclean n autoremove unnecessary files sudo apt-get autoclean sudo apt-get autoremove

Re install apache2 and check


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