After rebooting Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS i unexpectedly saw menu bar not in the top (as always) but in the bottom. 'Hidden' menu bar in the top are still working, e.g. i can restart operating system. See screen: enter image description here

Also keeping mouse on the side bar makes it black (i can't make a screenshot because when i click PrtSc button all screen becomes black). Any suggestions?

PS: before this i installed kvm packages, don't know if it can help (i haven't been rebooting for a long time so i'm not absolutely sure that it's a reason).

Before posting question i tried this:

sudo apt-get install --reinstall unity
sudo apt-get install --reinstall ubuntu-desktop

But it didn't help.

UPDATe: Issue was resolved. Thanks to @bain, apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade works perfect!

  • What was the command you used to install the kvm packages you mention? – Parto May 24 '14 at 20:11
  • Parto, I used this sudo apt-get install kvm libvirt-bin python-virtinst bridge-utils and this: sudo apt-get install qemu-kvm libvirt-bin ubuntu-vm-builder bridge-utils – tiktak May 24 '14 at 20:17
  • Does the error still occur if you create a new user account and log in to that? – bain May 24 '14 at 21:39
  • @bain, yes, i just tried it. – tiktak May 24 '14 at 21:44
  • 1
    When you installed kvm did any other packages get upgraded? Like xorg, or the Linux kernel? You can check the logs in /var/log/apt. If so, you can either try to downgrade those packages, or do a full apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade to upgrade to 12.04.4 and hope that fixes the issue. – bain May 24 '14 at 21:57

When you installed kvm some other packages probably got upgraded (probably xorg or the kernel) and those packages are buggy, resulting in your graphics problem. You are still running 12.04.2, try upgrading to the latest release (12.04.4) by doing apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade

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