I am backing up my Dropbox folder with Deja-Dup. Is there a way to delay deja-dup about 20 min after system start so that Dropbox gets the chance to sync to the newest files before the backup is performed?

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Go to the Startup Application option, and modify Deja-Dup command with this :

sh -c "sleep 20m; deja-dup"

Note : the deja-dup part can be replaced by the command that you want, for example, replace it with deja-dup --backup --auto or whatever you use for you dropbox backup.

  • sh -c "something" will start the command "something" in a (hidden) shell
  • sleep 20m will wait 20 minutes before processing the next command. sleep --help to learn more about this command.
  • ; will allow to enter another command in the same line, and execute it when the previous is finished.
  • There is no deja-dup entry in the Startup Applications. I don't know how deja-dup starts up
    – ECII
    May 25, 2014 at 6:42
  • 1
    To be able to see Backup Monitor (deja-dup) in your Startup applications do you have to edit /etc/xdg/autostart/deja-dup-monitor.desktop and change NoDisplay to false. May 25, 2014 at 8:31
  • Still works in Ubuntu 18.04. The filename has changed to "/etc/xdg/autostart/org.gnome.DejaDup.Monitor.desktop"
    – cnxsoft
    Oct 10, 2019 at 2:24

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