On my Pc that I only use to stream Amazon instant video. I have pipelight that up to now has been running fine I'm using Ubuntu 12.04, with Chrome as my browser and the user-agent switcher set up for firefox 15/windows. Today I did a software update and foolishly let Chrome update as well, not instant video is tell me to install Silverlight. My question is, how to I sort this out so that pipelight does what it's meant to again and let me stream videos off of Amazon.


Latest Chrome has dropped support for the old plugin APIs (see http://blog.chromium.org/2013/09/saying-goodbye-to-our-old-friend-npapi.html).

Therefore any plugins that use such an API will not work anymore on latest Chrome browser for Ubuntu. They will work however ok in Firefox.

It may take some time until developer can respond to that situation and create compatible plugins, if ever.

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