I'm a teacher in high school and I would like my pupils use Linux instead of the old and broken Windows.

Here is the description of the current network:

  • the pupils log on Windows session through a Windows network. Once logged, they can store their contents in a folder on a drive named H:. For example, the folder of the pupils Foo in the class Bar is H:\\class_bar\foo\ . The pupils can also read the folder H:\\calss_bar\_work, which is filled by the teachers.
  • the teachers has RW access on all H:.
  • I don't think I could modify the server ("What!! You want install Linux!?? But it's too complicated for our pupils!! Windows is quite enough!"...). Hopefully, I can discreetly install what I want on the computers in my class room :D.

I would like that the log on the computer under Linux simulate a log on a computer under Windows. I mean:

  • the pupils and the teachers log with the same id's than in the Windows case,
  • H:\\class_bar\foo\ is mount on /home/foo (or at least on /home/foo/network/, I've read that could be difficult).

What is the simplest way to achieve these goals (there is not a lot of computers in my class room, I can manually repeat the install operations for all of them)? I'm not very familiar with network and user login process, what documentation/tutorials would you advise me to read?

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