I go to ibus preferences in Lubuntu and can add French (Canada), but it's not the Canadian Multilingual layout. I tried installing m17 ibus packages and it adds a bunch of languages but not more French options (other than the French azerty m17 option). I didn't have this problem in ubuntu, just Lubuntu. Please help! Thanks in advance.


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You can use setxkbmap to change your keyboard layout settings. Just open a terminal window and type:

setxkbmap ca multix

This will get you a Canadian Multilingual Standard keyboard layout. You can also create a desktop launcher with your keyboard layouts. Create a file named multix.desktop in $HOME\Desktop and open it with a text editor. Add the following lines:

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=/usr/bin/setxkbmap ca multix
Name=Keyboard Layout

If you prefer to use the old Canadian French keyboard layout you can use setxkbmap ca and to get back to the US layout use setxkbmap us.


For what is it worth in 2022, I just struggled with this.

The name in the Ubuntu 22.04 Input Dialog selection list is Canadian Intl.

You need to go under: Settings> Keyboards> Inputs Sources > Add New

Double click on the Canada French (it is a group and will expand it) And select Canadian Intl.


Now in Ubuntu 23.04, it's named Canadian (CSA) instead of Canadian Multilingual keyboard.

I was looking for that for a long time >.<


Install package ibus-xkbd and in your normal keyboard setup (not ibus) choose canadian multilingual, then in choose xkbd as a ibus input method and it will be canadian multilingual.

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