I have Chrome Version 35.0.1916.114 on Ubuntu 14.04 and have enabled the Chrome flag 'Enable the App Launcher. Linux'.

How do I get the new features - Google Apps Launcher, Google Now and Google Notifications - to appear?


To get the Google App Launcher on your Ubuntu Unity task bar:

  1. Install the Google Chrome browser
  2. Launch Google Chrome and enter the address chrome://flags/#enable-app-list
  3. Click enable for the setting named Enable the App Launcher. Linux
  4. Open the Unity Launcher and type Chrome App to find the Chrome App Launcher in your Applications list
  5. Launch the Chrome App Launcher and you should see the icon appear in the Unity Launcher sidebar
  6. Right-click on the Chrome App Launcher in the Unity Launcher sidebar and select Lock to Launcher
  7. Now hold a left-click and then drag the Chrome App Launcher icon up to the top of the Unity Launcher sidebar so it is just below the Unity Launcher icon at top-right

You should now have a Google App Launcher in your Unity Launcher sidebar that provides a handy shortcut to your most used Google applications. You should also ensure that the Google Chrome browser is set to run in the background so that you continue to get notifications from Hangouts and other applications. To do that, just

  1. launch the Google Chrome browser,
  2. Find the Google Chrome icon in the notifications area (top-right of the desktop)
  3. Left-click on the Google Chrome icon and check the option to Let Google Chrome run in the background

Google Chrome notifications settings can be controlled from the Google Chrome browser settings. Instructions for these are outlined on this Advanced Chrome Help topic titled Turn notifications on or off

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    Chris, couldn't find the setting Enable the App Launcher. Linux. I tried to search with "App Launcher.." etc with no luck. Removed? – Alex Jan 11 '16 at 9:14

To enable the App Launcher:

  • enabled the Chrome flag 'Enable the App Launcher. Linux'
  • restart Chrome
  • install one app from Chrome Store from the category "for your desktop"
  • Done.

Google Now and Google Notifications ... still trying ... suggestions ???


Sorry gents, Launcher is retiring now. For me it's already disappeared in Apps Store.
Check this link

  • Side note from the link: "Chrome apps can still be accessed by clicking the apps shortcut in the bookmarks bar or typing chrome://apps in the omnibox." – Jerther Apr 28 '17 at 15:13

You can install WebCatalog from software center or download it from here or:

sudo apt install webcatalog

Then, start WebCatalog
In the search bar type whatever you want to install.
Linkedin, telegram web, whatsupp, Allo, Microsoft office and etc.
After installing, you can just start it by searching(no need to search it from webcatalog anymore).

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