I would like to highlight parts of emails, without having to print them out and use a highlighter pen. I also want to add notes. I ideally want to see the highlights appear when I view an email a second time, so simply forwarding the email to myself and adding let's say a line of stars is not ideal - I'm looking for something more convenient. I know how to do this with PDFs and web pages, but what about emails?

I am willing to consider using whichever software or email client will let me do this on Linux.


You can right-click on an E-Mail to create a memo from it in Evolution. It's not exactly what you want but except for Ooutlook I don't know any mail-client that supports comments on mails.

You could also check out these addons for Thunderbird:

According to an e-mail tomboy can also link notes and task to e-mails you received (see Addins->Evolution).

All solutions lack the highlighting you need.

Since both comments and highlighting in e-Mails would be reasonable and useful feature, you could suggest its integration into evolution.

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