Does gnome support desktop widgets? Any analogue to KDE plasmoids, Vista/Win7 sidebar/desktop widgets, Mac OS X dashboard widgets, etc.


You can actually install and run plasma from Gnome if you so desire. It should work, despite having a lot of KDE dependencies, just add it to the startup programs. I am testing this right now, if you would like this option, I will report back to you.

There are also a few programs in the software center that allow you to use desktop applets. Search for gdesklets and screenlets. Here are articles:



Linux is quite modular. :)

  • Thanks. I think it'd be nice if you share the most significant moments of your experience with Plasma right here. – Ivan Sep 24 '10 at 9:35
  • Works pretty great actually! If you do not mind all the KDE installed, it fits well. Just run: sudo apt-get install plasma-desktop. When it is finished, press alt+f2 and type: plasma-desktop. When prompted between GDM and KDM choose GDM. Go to System -> Preferences -> System Settings for the KDE control panel. Under appearance you can change the KDE style to GTK. Screenshot: ubuntuone.com/p/HLc – NightwishFan Sep 24 '10 at 9:59

I like Screenlets (from standard repos) . Much better then gDesklets for me.


If you want use KDE Plasma Widget (Plasmoid) maybe you can look my answer in this Question Run Plasma Widget in Gnome :)


Screenlets and gDesklets are no longer maintained so I created flidget, a flexible, lightweight and concise widget system:


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