I am working with a Gumstix computer running a console-only version of Ubuntu (courtesy of the Linaro project, which is quite fantastic), and when I boot the computer while connected to it over a serial console (ttyUSB) it automatically launches as root. I think this is a terrible idea. I'd rather it login as the user I've set up. How can I set this up?


I guess you haven't created a basic user yet :P

Create a user for yourself... It'll ask you to enter a password.

sudo adduser <your_user_name>

If you cannot gain root privileges through sudo, edit /etc/sudoers

sudo vi /etc/sudoers

And uncomment the sudo group line to look like this:


Then add yourself to the sudo group

sudo useradd -G sudo <your_user_name>

If all goes correctly, Ubuntu should realise that there's more than one user and prompt for a login... I have a Pandaboard with Natty Headless on it, and as far as I remember, I've only needed to add a user

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