I wish to run a game called "Morenatsu" on Ubuntu 14.04 via Wine. Morenatsu requires Applocale in Windows. Can I run Morenatsu in Applocale in Wine?


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You can always run the game from the terminal instead of installing any other app and specify the language in the command:

LANG=ja_JP.UTF-8 wine /path/to/game/game.exe

In my case I wanted to play Saya no Uta (Japanese game with Japanese fonts) but it always showed squares and other non-Japanese symbols. I used to solve this kind of problem with AppLocale in Windows, but since I couldn't find an AppLocale replacement for Ubuntu then I launched the game through the terminal like this


I remember that there was a tool called WineLocale that was made to mimic the functionality of AppLocale. But I have never really used it and the project site doesn't seem to offer any downloads.

A workaround seems to be to create another profile with the locale the game should work with.


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