How can I set up quick launchers in Lubuntu?

I've installed Lubuntu 14.04. Now I see no way to set quick launchers, especially for programs not listed in the menu (which must be started from a terminal).

  • Look at this How to create desktop shortcut or launcher on Linux (Create a Desktop Shortcut on LXDE Desktop) and this How to customise the LXDE desktop using Lubuntu
    – TuKsn
    Commented May 15, 2014 at 14:59
  • Unfortunately neither of the hints helped, since t. e. my desktop won't offer "create new launcher" an right-click ...
    – user271850
    Commented May 15, 2014 at 15:30
  • 1
    ... finally I managed creating a starter manually, which was less diffucult than it first looked.
    – user271850
    Commented May 15, 2014 at 15:47
  • I'd like to switch to lubuntu, but the fact that even docking an icon on the taskbar is this level non-evident is a huge turndown.
    – imrek
    Commented Jun 16, 2020 at 19:39

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You can follow this to create a launcher on the Lubuntu desktop.

Run this command in a terminal:

lxshortcut -o ~/Desktop/myLauncher

Choose the path to the application or just run a command:

enter image description here

Select an icon if you want:

enter image description here

  • (lxshortcut:39921): GLib-GIO-CRITICAL **: 21:43:45.777: g_dbus_proxy_new: assertion 'G_IS_DBUS_CONNECTION (connection)' failed ... editor runs but hitting OK doesn't seem to save nor change anything. Lubuntu 20.04. blocked.
    – DragonLord
    Commented Mar 22, 2021 at 1:46
  • Under Lubuntu 20, this does in fact create a file named "myLauncher" inside your home ~/Desktop directory, but when double-clicking on it, it comes up inside the text editor, instead of launching. Two pieces of magic: (1) RENAME the file to "mylauncher.desktop" extension; (2) the back half, the ".desktop", is quietly invisible in the visual file browser. (Try cutting and pasting the file over itself to reveal this invisible ext.) You may also have to add a "Terminal=true" line inside the file if you're launching a shell script.
    – DragonLord
    Commented Mar 22, 2021 at 2:26

You can also use PCManFM file manager:
first select file,
then choose in command panel Edit -> Create Link...
then choose destination folder link creation sample


I downloaded the package known as 'menulibre' through synaptic package manager. It helps to create a launcher in our application menu which can be added to panel if required.

menulibre can be installed using apt

sudo apt-get install menulibre
  • 1
    Does menulibre work with Lubuntu menu?
    – Anwar
    Commented May 17, 2017 at 15:45

In my case, if I need to add any things to my quick launch (Alt + F2), I added it to my path, usually the simplest way is just create a symlink to the /usr/bin

For example: I have my android studio which can be launch by


I will do the symlink:

sudo ln -s /opt/android-studio/bin/studio.sh /usr/bin/android-studio

Now, when you press Alt + F2, and type android-studio, you should find the program.

it should work the same if you put it into your path variable by modifying your .bash_profile file. But usually source the profile file doesn't get Alt+F2 work immediately in this case for me, I need to logout or restart my computer for it to work.

Note: remember to make your file executable by chmod a+x

My system is Lubuntu 15.10.

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