I've recently installed Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, and cannot print the @ symbol. I mean get the symbol shown in the screen, when I type an email in the browser, into a document, etc.

My keyboard is set in spanish.

I've tried Alt + 64 -using the numeric keyboard- and nothing happens.

I've tried creating a shortcut, (setting it as: Alt+64), and is set as "disabled"...

What should I do?


The spanish keyboard layout has the @ sign on the number 2 key. Press AltGr, keep it pressed, press 2.


Alt + Number only works in Windows systems. To print the @ character you should be able in a Spanish keyboard with:

  • AltGr + 2
  • AltGr + Q

With any keyboard:

  • Ctrl + Shift + U you will get a underlined u, type 0040 and press enter or space.

In an english keyboard:

  • Shift + 2

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