Good afternoon everybody,

I have a question related to Baloo. I saw the thread posted on the same forum :

How to turn off baloo in KDE 4.13?

I also face the issue of high ressource consumption mentioned everywhere on that post. But unlike the question raised there, I would actually like to keep the search functionalities, so still allow baloo to run...

I have noticed that the process baloo_file_extractor is ok in terms of CPU but seems really greedy in terms of I/O.

  • CPU < 10%, in top command
  • I/O >95%, in iotop command, active 2 seconds out of 3.

The load average of the computer increases (~4.8 in top) as well as the overall CPU usage (>95% according to processor control). It causes my laptop to freeze 1 second every 3 seconds. Suspending (STOP signal) 3 processes :

  • baloo_file_extractor
  • baloo_file
  • akonadi_baloo_indexer

brings the laptop to a smooth running.

Is there anyway to reduce the I/0 demand ?



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All in all, bug KDE 333433 dealt with treatment of external media mounted on /home.

I had a symbolic link to an external media in /home (maybe a bad practice from me...). This external media was excluded from the indexing (KDE System Config -> Search on Desktop).

After this exclusion, the situation seems to be cured : no freeze. Baloo processes (baloo_file_extractor, baloo_file, akonadi_baloo_indexer and cleaner) run for some time (~1h) still with a rather high CPU (average over time ~40%) but affordable. The computer is now running fine.

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