I'd like to set up a command that can restore all of my windows after a reboot.

I typically have a set of windows per workspace (multiple monitors) for a particular task. After I reboot (which is more frequent now because apparently SSDs aren't supposed to hibernate) I set each of these workspaces up.

Ideally I could run something like:

./restoreWindows 1 work
./restoreWindows 2 play

The first command would "restore windows" on workspace #1 for the "work" profile, which I'd define ahead of time as:

  • terminal on screen 1 occupying left half of screen started in directory workProject
  • terminal on screen 1 occupying right half of screen started in directory workProject running command grunt
  • chrome/chromium browser on screen 2 [with tabs]

terminal and chrome/chromium are pretty much all I need restored.

I'd also settle for something that restored windows of a particular profile on the current desktop:

./restoreDesktop work #restores on active workspace
  • You have failed to mention which x-window manager system you are using....that might help others provide a specific answer to your question. – mdpc May 14 '14 at 2:21

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