I can't log in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS after I accepted the usual Software Updater updates this morning, including codec updates and the latest Thunderbird release. Now when I enter my usual login and password, the system seems to load the desktop as usual but then gets stuck indefinitely.

Only the guest login will allow me to see a plain desktop with no privileges.

I tried to apply the Ctrl+Alt+F1/Ctrl+Alt+F7 or the XAuthority manips found in similar threads, but here again I can't sudo anything without prior typing my admin User login & password. From there on I only get an obvious error message: invalid User/Login.

How come such a simple update suddenly change/overwrite your regular user account password, I already lost half-a-day of work because of this.

Please advise on how I can get my user account logging in normally just as this very morning before I downloaded these updates.

Thanks for your support & sound answers.


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I just had same, or similar problem. I installed Ubuntu 14.04 LTS last week, and this morning, I accepted a bunch of updates. It was a lot of updates, apparently, because it took quite a while. I was instructed to restart the computer, and after I did so, I couldn't log on to the desktop.

I began searching for answers, and found this page. After following advice above, to search for the answer at Ubuntu gets stuck in a login loop. After logging in at a prompt using Ctrl+Alt+F[1-6], I saw that my .Xauthority didn't belong to root, but belonged to my username. However, I noticed that "." belonged to root.

I entered chown username:username . and my problem was solved.

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