I downloaded from the official website. I burned correctly the dvd with ubuntu, i restart my computer and just like the installation instructions says i saw the welcoming screen, my problem is:

Installation type it only gives me 2 options: "replace windows 7", or "something else". It says nothing about "install ubuntu along side windows 7" like one of the images in the instructions says.

I don't understand what is happening,

one more thing, from the dvd i burned i'm trying ubuntu but how do i exit?? eject the dvd and then go back to windows.

thanks guys


To install alongside windows follow these instruction

To get back to windows just shutdown your ubuntu session,
remove dvd and again boot to windows,...


U can always use something else to dual boot OS's.

But first u r gonna nee to create 2 extra partitions. One for ubuntu > 8GB nd the other swap => RAM size... Id suggest using windows defualt partition creator to do so. then during ubuntu install process, select the ubuntu partion u just created nd format it as ext4 nd select mount as "/" then format the other partition which is => RAM as swap... Then proceed as the install says.

*edit: backup ur data before partitionig to be safe. nd make sure u have Windows install media so that u can recover incase goes wrong.

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