I want to cut some video files I got, basically remove individual pieces of every video, without making some mashup or anything like it. I tried OpenShot Video Editor and AVIDEMUX. The latter got not-so-great interface, but is much easier for me, as I can cut out pieces and produce an output quickly, keeping the original codecs and quality (which I don't know how to properly handle and combine). Unfortunately, it is crashing quite a lot on some files, plus it never works with WMV files, that also get mute audio (audio v9).

So, I'd like some suggestions from you guys. I could keep using AVIDEMUX if I can get it working better, or some other app, preferrably as easy as it. With OpenVideo, besides taking a long time re-encoding the video, I frequently do bad codec selection and mess up output quality, plus it will force the output to some predefined size, which sometimes do not match the input.



I recommend openshot which i use to cut parts of several videos and them put the videos together (Very good when you want to make Ubuntu Tutorials)

  1. Add openshot ppa: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:jonoomph/openshot-edge

  2. Update repository: sudo apt-get update

  3. Install openshot: sudo apt-get install openshot (Or look in the Software Center or Synaptic)

you will find openshot in the Sound & Video Menu. You can import videos by dragging them to the openshot or by using the import option. To cut there is a Scissor Tool to "cut" the video in pieces.

I use Openshot instead of Pitivi to create Ubuntu Tutorials and Programming Tutorials for friends and let me tell you is an excellent program. It even includes a way to render the video in many formats and containers and for several services like youtube.

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