I was trying to move a folder "Foxit Reader" which was located in /opt to the home Directory. I searched on how to do that and they told me to do this :

sudo su 
cd /opt
mv -t Foxit\ Reader/ /home

But apparently what it did was moving all the home to inside the foxit reader folder. and now I can't open anything, how can I fix this?

  • Your /opt or / on the same partition as your previous /home? – c0rp May 12 '14 at 11:06
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    Did you try to do the reverse operation ? If you are in the same directoy which you executed the above commands, try sudo mv Foxit\ Reader/home/* /home ? What did you mean by Cant open anything what did you try to open ? Be careful when trying these commands. I hope you didnt restart the machine – Jay Aurabind May 12 '14 at 11:07
  • all the contents inside home folder were transferred to /opt/Foxitreader – Eyadkht May 12 '14 at 11:11
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    @eyadkht good you got it fixed but for next time: please carefully read what a command does! This one is easy to fix but I know several that can not be reversed ;) – Rinzwind May 12 '14 at 11:25

The "-t" means that "Foxit\ Reader/" is the target to move the files to. And the next argument is assumed to be the source from where to move it from.

From the manual:

 -t, --target-directory=DIRECTORY
          move all SOURCE arguments into DIRECTORY

You can fix this by doing:

sudo su 
cd /opt/"Foxit Reader"/
ls -l *

and visually confirm you see a list of users (that are directories) (not Desktop, Pictures etc) and not files. Then you can do ...

mv * /home/

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