I follow this issue to configure PIdgin for MS Lync 2013 .

I get this message :

Web ticket request to https://rproxy.mycompany.com:443/CertProv/CertProvisioningService.svc failed

enter image description here

Known that settings has been configured as following: enter image description here

And No proxy: enter image description here

i received this certificate from MS sysadmin .

enter image description here And i don't know if it is useful in Ubuntu . If so , How can i import it?

And Why rproxy appeared in message error even there is no proxy in my settings .

I mean :



I found where can i import certificate :

enter image description here

However , i get new error message:

SSL Connection Failed

Known that Authentication Scheme is: Kerberos , not TLS-DSK


Just found that posting here and decided to leave some answers as no input was given:

  1. The proxy in the name isn't a proxy on your PC, it is a reverse proxy which seemed to be used in the lync implementation on your side
  2. Pidgin on Lync 2013 works fine with TLS-DSK enabled
  3. Make sure that you use the correct user agent, Lync has a policy which can block clients which aren't in a list configured by the admin

Just use Edit your account:

username : "your EmailId"
Login    : "Domain/UserId"

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