I have lubuntu 12.04 working alongside with windows xp on an old computer. Every time i go to youtube it does't respond. It doesn't even go to the page, but keeps loading.

Please help me!

  • Did you try later again? What about other web pages? What is the output when you open up a terminal and type in "ping"? What about "ping www.youtube.com"? – BelfryGhost May 11 '14 at 16:32

You may need to install or update:

  • (Adobe) Flash player (in Synaptic / Software Center under flashplugin-installer or flashplugin or adobe flash player, any of those should find it)
  • a web browser that can do HTML5 (like Firefox or Chromium or Opera) and try telling youtube to try to use HTML5 first ( at this page https://www.youtube.com/html5 )

If you're using the Adobe Flash player, these Adobe pages have some tests & tips, they're at least good pages to see if your flash player works:

That is all assuming you have a working internet connection and can load other plain websites.

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