Hello I am a linux newbie trying to set up a keyboard shortcut to execute a script I have. The script functions as desired, and is


livestreamer twitch.tv/arteezy best

This opens up VLC player to watch a live stream of a game.

Now, I want to make it even easier and use Ctrl+shift+z (or whatever) to open up the script.

I have the script located in /home/username/livestreamer/ArteezyHigh.sh

So I go to the "Custom Shortcuts" area and add a new shortcut.

In the command area I tried putting the location, but it did not run the script. I tried some version of -gnome -e "livestreamer twitch.tv/arteezy best" to run the terminal with the command, this did not work either. I am not sure what I am missing, and would like to be able to open the stream using a custom hotkey. Thanks for the help.

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    Did you run this chmod +x /home/username/livestreamer/ArteezyHigh.sh to make your script executable? – c0rp May 11 '14 at 5:06

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