I have a sony vaio vpcf121fx laptop with windows 8.1 currently installed in it..i have never dual booted ubuntu in my laptop before..i have a 1 TB hard disk and its divided into C:,D:,E: and F: partitions with C: storing the current windows 8.1 OS....i want to allocate about 25 GB of storage space for ubuntu...and want to allocate that 25 GB memory from E: drive which currently has 300 GB free out of 345 GB...how do i go about doing it... i have a vague idea about shrinking the drive or something..but i dont know anything about it...could someone please explain the exact steps that i must follow in order to ensure that i successfully install ubuntu 14.04 without losing the data stored in the hard disk currently?


In Windows 8.1 go to search(right side of the screen) and type "Disk Management".
Select "Create and format hard disk partitions".
Right click on E: and choose "Shrink Volume".
Enter the values and you will get new unallocated space near E:.

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