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want to know because I am tired of just clicking on the launcher because I just leave my laptop on. Please help me. Thank You

Pass does not apply When the program is activated

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If you already installed gufw, which is basically just a GUI for ufw

    sudo apt-get install ufw gufw

you can make sure next that your firewall is enabled by running this command:

   sudo ufw enable

and you can check you firewall status after restart using this command:

   sudo ufw status verbose

By all means, you can open Gufw and unlock the settings and check if all is ok. After that you can close Gufw, the firewall will still be active and running in background.

If you plan to secure your computer way beyond the simple ufw firewall you can visit this link to learn how to secure a linux server or a workstation. You should pay a special attention to the following steps present in this tutorial:

  • Protect su by limiting access only to admin group
  • Harden network with sysctl settings
  • Scan logs and ban suspicious hosts - DenyHosts and Fail2Ban
  • Check for rootkits - RKHunter and CHKRootKit

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