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I have recently installed ubuntu 14.04 (and before that I had the same problem with 12.04) on a Dell inspiron 9400 Intel Core 2 Duo T7200. But when I am trying to type something the keys do sometimes not respond at all or the letter is repeated a lot in one short keystroke. for example: when typing "Hello" this can happen: " Hlllllllllllllo" The E in hello did not show up, and the second l repeated a couple of times. This didn't happen when I used a live usb boot. Does somebody have the solution for my problem, because it makes the computer almost unusable. Thanks in advance

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  • Looks like this could be a duplicate of this issue – TrinitronX Dec 8 '18 at 4:07
  • I disagree that this is a duplicate. I sporadically have similar issues in Ubuntu 18.04; slow keys is off. When the issue is occurring, there can sometimes be a multi-second lag between when I press a key and when the letter appears, and then sometimes it'll repeat 2, 3... up to 10+ times; if I type fast enough, the repeats overlap. Other times keypresses will be missed entirely. Attempting to type bleh my keyboard (or OS) is tripping resulted in blehh mmy keyeyboaarddddddd (oorr OS) is tripping. Similar symptoms, but not the same problem. – Doktor J Dec 18 '18 at 16:01

Have you tried: System Settings - Keyboard - Select Typing TAB, adjust 'Key presses repeat when key is held down". Experimenting with Delay - try slide it a little to the right (longer). 'Speed' slider, will determine how fast it will retype, once the system understands you want to retype a pressed character, by pressing it 'long enough' following above mentioned setting.

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