I have a cron job that runs every minute and makes a curl request and i have verified that using grep on the syslogs.

But the curl is not happening somehow and moreover i have a small echo statement in the cron that i log in some file.Even that log is not printing but manually when run my shell file it works.

Can someone help me out in this.?

Update : This is the shell file i am using

#This file sends the changed files to our server
#var=$(ls ~/Downloads | grep -v "^d")
#for f in $(ls ~/OurDrive | grep -v ^d)
#       do
#               files+="$f"","
#       done 

cd /home/user/OurDrive
for file in *; do
    [[ -d $file ]] && continue
    files+=( "$file" )

comma_separated=$(IFS=,; echo "${files[*]}")
echo "$comma_separated" 
curl --data "file_list=$comma_separated&username=${USER}" http://localhost:8084/url/add.do
echo "done"> /home/user/Desktop/log.txt

Add a shebang line and explicitly use bash (on Ubuntu /bin/sh links to dash).

#!/usr/bin/env bash



The first will search the environment for bash.

  • /bin/sh links to dash? How come? – jobin May 8 '14 at 19:56
  • 1
    @Jobin Click the link labeled dash. – Elliott Frisch May 8 '14 at 20:07

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