For some reason it won't dectect my music and it says Volume N/A and it won't let me change it. You can find my dotfiles here. Yes I am running them locally and let me know if you need some screenshots of the problem.

Thanks in advance -- maybe someone could just give me their config?

  • Also see my answer regarding your other mpd/ncmpcpp related question here: askubuntu.com/questions/466052/… Have you tried 'u'-key to update your music library withing ncmpcpp?! – v2r Jun 9 '14 at 16:58

Regarding your audio-output (Volume N/A):

Change the content of your mpd.conf, located at /home/Username/.mpd/mpd.conf to:

music_directory    "/home/nathan/music"  
playlist_directory "/home/nathan/.mpd/playlists"  
db_file            "/home/nathan/.mpd/mpd.db"  
log_file           "/home/nathan/.mpd/mpd.log"  
id_file            "/home/nathan/.mpd/mpd.pid"  
state_file         "/home/nathan/.mpd/mpdstate"  

audio_output {  
      type  "pulse"  
      name  "mpd pulse-audio-output"  

audio_output {  
      type  "alsa"  
      name  "mpd alsamixer-output"  

audio_output {  
type               "fifo"  
name               "fifo_visualizer"
path               "/tmp/mpd.fifo"
format             "44100:16:2"

After that open a terminal window and type mpd + enterkey, followed by ncmpcpp + enterkey, then hit 8key, to enter the Outputs window (see screenshot), where you then can either choose mpd pluse-audio-output or mpd alsamixer-output.

One of those two should actually work for you!!

Now for your other problem (It won't dectect my music): Please refer to one of the many guides to set up mpd/ncmpcpp properly: 01 | 02 |03.

If you come across any problems during the setup procedure please edit your original question and specifically add the information there!! GL

image with incorrect spelling of "pulse"

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