Each time I install something with synaptic I received the following error when I click in details:

(synaptic:16174): GLib-CRITICAL **: g_child_watch_add_full: assertion 'pid > 0' failed

The packages are installed with no problem at all.

I have google it and I know that many people have this error I was wondering if this is already being analysed or if there is a fix for it...

ERROR MESSAGE From Synaptic:

Error message

                      Direct Response from Ubuntu Bugs - Ubuntu Quality

"This error seems to just be one of those warning messages that doesn't really break the program at all, so from a bug triage perspective this is a "Low" (Ubuntu Bug Triage importance), or "Minor" (Debian BTS importance), bug importance."


There is a full bug report on Launchpad : GLib-CRITICAL **: g_child_watch_add_full: assertion 'pid > 0' failed

See post #52 and #60 for resolution details.

The reason was a bug in libvte-2.90 (Terminal Emulator) used in Trusty 14.04. This has been corrected in libvte-2.91. You need to rebuild Synaptic against this updated library.

I have the latest version of synaptic rebuild for Trusty 14.04 in my Ubuntu Photo Video Applications PPA, if you would like to update:

$ sudo apt-add-repostory ppa:anton+/photo-video-apps
$ sudo apt-get update

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