I've been trying out different usb modems from different networks in Portugal, and each time I get a new one it's always a week-long adventure of trying to get it to work with Ubuntu, which usually ends with me quitting after following many different suggestions online.

Is there a list of supported 4G modems somewhere that I can be confident will work just by plugging them into the pc without any further hacks or tweaks?

  • If it's a router-modem hybrid then it presents an ethernet connection. that should work. did u find anything else? – Kiers Feb 11 '15 at 19:09

Ubuntu has this list:


However there are other modems working with ubuntu as well, AFAIK.


I use a Pantech UML 295W USB dongle on Raspbian Stretch. I get about 8Mbits/sec UP and 6 Mbits/sec down on Verizon. Raspbian treats it as eth1, and no special drivers are required.

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