First I have installed dictd and some dictionaries according to the firs post in this topic. I have installed dict-gcide & dict-wn & dict-freedict-hun-eng & dict-freedict-eng-hun. I have tried it, it is working. After I have installed dict-freedict-deu-eng & dict-freedict-eng-deu, I have got these message:

"Setting up dict-freedict-deu-eng (1.3-4ubuntu1) ...

The parameter --locale=xx_YY.utf-8 was not set in your /etc/default/dictd, so after installing this package dictd may stop working.

Setting up dict-freedict-eng-deu (1.3-4ubuntu1) ...

The parameter --locale=xx_YY.utf-8 was not set in your /etc/default/dictd, so after installing this package dictd may stop working."

The gnome-dictionary did not search for German words, it writes: "Error while looking up definition" After I removed the hashmark (#) before the line "DICTD_ARGS="$DICTD_ARGS --locale=en_US.utf-8"" in the file /etc/default/dictd, I have restarted the dictd service, but my attempt was not successful. I still can't search for German words in gnome-ditionary. Can anybody help me to solve this issue? I have Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit.


I had the same symptom and I managed this way.

Is your newly installed "fd-deu-eng" showing up when you type?

dict -I

If you 'apt-get remove' the successfully installed "dict-freedict-hun-eng", does 'dict -I' reflect the change? If not, then the online version of dictd may be interfering your local generic instance of dictd. Try

ps aux | grep dictd

and kill that instance, and 'dict -I' or 'dict -D' again. If you see a complete set of packages and an "On pan.alephnull.com" header, you in fact can already use

dict -d fd-deu-eng 'Guten Tag'

When offline, 'dict -I' will reveal nothing. This is the time you can

sudo dictd start

and 'dict -I' will reflect your recently installed/removed package list.

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