How does PCManFM know where to mount a drive? I have an external drive /dev/sdb1/ whose mount point I would like to change from /media/Media to /media/external, but I'm not sure how to tell PCManFM to do this. I could just turn off auto-mounting in PCManFM and do it via fstab, but then I'd have to hit S when booting without the drive connected.

Is there a file where PCManFM sets the mountpoints so it remembers them for the future?


Normally PCManFM mounts partitions to /Media/Username/Partition-Label. If you change the partition label it will then mount under the new name.

Eg: /Media/Username/Example could be changed to /Media/Username/Changed.


Step #1

In PCManFM unmount the partition for your external drive by clicking the unmount icon.


Step #2

Go to the main menu, accessories, and click Disks.


Step #3

In Disks click on your device (from left hand side menu), then under volumes click on the partition so it's highlighted, and then click the cog beneath it and choose "edit filesystem".



Step #4

Change the partition label as desired, and click "change".


Step #5

Re-open PCmanFM and you will see it mounted under the new name.


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