I have one problem, I can't execute lxsession-default-apps on Lubuntu 14.04 because I get because said to me "The database is updating, please wait"

If I try to run lxsession-default-apps, I get this error:

 ** Message: utils.vala:30: config_path_directory: /home/USER/.config/lxsession-default-apps
 ** Message: desktop-files-backend.vala:171: test config_path: /home/USER/.config/lxsession-default-apps/settings.conf
 ** Message: desktop-files-backend.vala:237: Scanning folder: /usr/share/applications
 ** Message: desktop-files-backend.vala:278: Start scanning

 ** Message: desktop-files-backend.vala:257: Scanning folder: /usr/share/app-install/desktop
 ** Message: desktop-files-backend.vala:278: Start scanning

 Error: list_files failed: No such file or directory
 ** Message: desktop-files-backend.vala:333: Finishing scanning

 ** Message: desktop-files-backend.vala:189: Signal finish scanning with mode: write
 ** Message: desktop-files-backend.vala:333: Finishing scanning

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Regards.


The /usr/share/app-install directory is created when you install the app-install-data package. This package provides metadata about applications that is used by the Ubuntu Software Center and (in your case) the Lubuntu Software Center.

I don't know why this isn't a dependency for lxsession-default-apps, but it resolves "No such file" error and gets it to load.

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